Relieve tension, enjoy the warmth and feel the heat in the Waldhof Sauna World

Wellness hotel with spaciaous sauna landscape 

In the Sauna World in the Waldhof Spa warmth is transformed into contentment – in a whole host of different and extremely pleasant ways: In the traditional Finnish sauna, the saunarium or in the infra-red cabin sauna you will feel your muscles slowly relaxing, your immune system being strengthened and the stress and strains of daily life gradually disappearing. Our hotel with its magnificently spacious sauna landscape near Salzburg is a place where deceleration and relaxation simply happens. Enjoy resting in the charming sauna relaxation area or on the shores of Lake Fuschl.

You'll also find a salt water steam-bath and a salt water inhalarium where the pleasant indoor climate encourages clear lungs, cleansed skin and complete relaxation. The scent of lavender or pine will engulf you in a warm aromatic cloak and to complete the sauna temperature cycle the cooling dipping pool and a warm whirlpool await you in the idyllic Spa Garden. What else do you need to enjoy a sauna session to the full? An enchanting relaxation room with an inviting and calming ambience – here in the Waldhof Sauna World you have several relaxation areas to choose from .

Our Sauna World at a glance

Almsauna area*

Finnish Sauna  80°C
& Infrared Sauna 45°C

all year round2 pm - 7 pm

Saunarium 60°C & Sole Steam Bath

from spring:12 am - 10 pm
from autumn:11 am - 10 pm

Damensauna 60°C with Steam Bath

from spring:12 pm - 7 pm
from autumn:11 am - 7 pm


Family sauna times

all year round10 am - 2 pm


Blockhouse Sauna with panorama window 80°C,
salt water inhalarium, refreshing dipping pool and whirlpool 

from spring:12 pm - 10 pm
from autumn:11 am - 10 pm


Vitality Bar with fresh spring water, herb teas and fruit juices open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


* Subject to change due to weather conditions

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Die Saunawelt im Überblick



Saunas and relaxation rooms in the 4 * S wellness hotel

There is guaranteed to be something for every wellness lover in our sauna world. Whether you are a trained sauna goer or if you want to discover the sauna for yourself - the credo is simple on your wellness holiday - a lot can be done, nothing has to be. 


Our saunarium and brine steam bath are a wonderful place to relax and are particularly suitable for sauna beginners - here you can only sweat a little at a pleasant 60 °. For those who feel comfortable in a little more heat, our infrared room sauna with 70 ° or the wonderful log cabin sauna with 80 ° are ideal. 


In this, you can enjoy a magnificent view through the panoramic window onto the wonderful landscape of the Salzkammergut. And if you like it really hot, you will feel at home in our alpine sauna - in our Finnish sauna we heat you up at 90 ° - sweating is guaranteed here.

Not to be forgotten is of course our women's sauna for fun ladies' rounds or those who want to stay “among themselves”. After an extensive sauna session, a wellness treatment or after swimming in the water world, there is nothing better than cuddling and relaxing in a warm, soft bathrobe. 


You will find a variety of different relaxation rooms in our wellness area - whether with a panoramic view or a little darker to snooze comfortably - is entirely up to you. But also in the outside area of ​​our wellness oasis you can expect numerous highlights such as our year-round heated outdoor pools, the spring garden with plunge pool, the brine outdoor pool or the Waldhof herb world. 


The spacious outdoor area also offers plenty of lounging options for sunbathing or relaxing on your wellness vacation.

Wellness wonder Waldhof
superlative sauna landscape