The healing power of herbs

The Waldhof Herb World

The scent of lavender, the aroma of thyme, the healing powers of lady's mantle and the and the floral delicacy of elderflower: The world of native herbs is full of hidden treasures many of which grow in the Waldhof herb garden. These precious natural plants are then diligently cooked, steamed and distilled in our herb kitchen in the middle of the Waldhof spa.  

Here you have the opportunity to watch our "herbalists" making hydralates (plant extracts in water) in our enchanting herb kitchen. The healing powers of the herbs and plants are captured in these hydralates, which in turn are used in our aromatic wellness and beauty treatments. They not only smell heavenly, they help to ease aches, pains and problems of all kinds. 

Our herb garden

Around 95 different herbs and healing plants grow in our garden adjoining the Waldhof Spa. Take time to enjoy a walk through the garden discovering St. Jonhn's wort, peppermint and hollyhock. When the small botanic wonders are ready to harvest, they find their way to the Gütl Restaurant's vitality kitchen and to the spa kitchen where they are used in the form of hydrolates and massage oils. 

Around 95 different herbs and medicinal plants thrive in our herb garden at the gates of the Waldhof Spa. Take a walk in it and discover St. John's wort, peppermint or mallow on your tour through the green. 

When the small, botanical wonders are ready to be harvested, you will find their way into the vital herbal kitchen of our Gütl restaurant - and into our spa, where they are used in the form of hydrolates and massage oils.

Our Herb Kitchen

Impressive copper boilers, mysterious looking equipment and an irresistible aromatic scent: The herb kitchen in the Waldhof Spa conjures up the feeling of being in an alchemist's den. However, there is no witchcraft involved - only our herb experts who use their knowledge of the natural healing powers of plants to create herbal distilates, oils and tinctures. You are welcome to watch them as they work and try out the products that are created.

Wir nutzen die Kräuter aus dem eigenen Garten natürlich auch in Sachen Kulinarik: In unserer Vitalküche werden tagtäglich gesunde und schmackhafte Gaumenfreuden aus Bärlauch, 

Schlüsselblume, Gänseblümchen und anderen Kräutern gezaubert. Das tut nicht nur gut, das schmeckt auch vorzüglich – probieren Sie selbst!

Our herb cuisine

We not only use the herbs harvested from our own garden in the spa area: In the Gütl Restaurants Vitality Kitchen healthy and tasty dishes featuring wood garlic, cowslips and countless other native herbs are lovingly prepared for our discerning guests. This light cuisine offers health from within and a tasty change from more classic dishes.


All about hydrolates

For our hydrolate baths only the very best home-made extracts are used. Feel how the essence of herbs from our own garden have a beneficial impact on your body. 

A hydrolate is a highly effective herb water that is made in a steam destillation process using fresh petals, leaves, seeds and roots. They contain all the water-soluble substances of the plants as well as traces of essential oils and are therefore considerably more concentrated than herb tea for example. The effective healing properties of these herb waters has been recognised since antiquity and passed on down the centuries. Depending on the plants that are distilled, the hydrolates are mainly used for natural skin care in the form of full or part-body baths. They can also be effectively used as revitalising compresses, air fresheners or in saunas and steam rooms. 

This is how we use hydrolates:

  • At the Waldhof spa new hydrolates are produced each week. 
  • The majority of plants and herbs used to make the hydrolates are grown in our own herb garden. 
  • Guests are invited to watch how the hydrolates are made and find out more about their healing powers and the beneficial impact they can have on body and soul. 

The Waldhof from all sides 

Go on a voyage of discovery the many newly designed areas in the Waldhof - or visit your favorite spot again. Have fun browsing through our new 360° -pictures.

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