The hiking trail to the Schober Peak by Lake Fuschl 

Walking to the Schober

Just behind Ebner's Waldhof the Schober Mountain rises up in all its grandeur and entices hikers to its peak. From the top of the Schober you have fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Fuschl, Wolfgang and Mondsee Lakes lie like jewels in the velvety landscapes of the Salzkammergut Lake District. The ascent is challenging and sure-footedness is required. 

The world looks better from up here

Conquering the Schober Mountain by Lake Fuschl

Tie up your walking boots, don your rucksack - making sure you have something to drink and your camera with you - and then set off. As you step out of Ebner's Waldhof you litereally step on to the Schober trail. After around an hour you reach the Wartenfels Castle ruin at an altitude of 1021 metres. The short detour to the top of the castel is well worth the effort because you are rewarded with fantastic views of the Salzkammergut Lake District. The route as far as the ruins is suitable for children, from the ruins up to the summit it is not! The terrain becomes increasingly steep and leads hikers over a short fixed rope section to the peak. Good basic fitness and hiking boots are an absolute must for this hike. 

Having arrived at the summit, the fantastic views of the surrounding mountains are reward enough for having accomplished this challenging hike. Now it's time to get your camera out and capture the glorious moment on film. Just below the summit you will see the "Schoberhütte" refuge, if you walk past the hut and follow the trail away from the way you came, the route will take you to the neighbouring "Frauenkopf" peak in about 10 minutes. From here the views match those from the Schober. You may well spot a few chamois, balancing with ease on the sheer rock face as you walk. The descent from the "Frauenkopf" winds its way down the back of the mountain back to the valley below. The hike to the Schober is a real highlight on any Lake Fuschl holiday.