The Waldhof renovation 2020

Construction diary

Nachdem der Umbau nun abgeschlossen ist, finden sie hier die einzelnen Bereiche im Überblick. Den Fortschritt der einzelnen Tage finden sie unterhalb.

Here you stay up to date!

Dear Waldhof friends, on this page we will keep you up to date on our construction progress ...

March 31 th 2020:

We give our best...

Of course, we also have to comply with various government Covid 19 guidelines, but our builders do their best and work hard.

Here' are the first impressions:

Unsere neue SeeBar ist pünktlich zur Eröffnung fertig geworden und lädt zum verweilen und gemütlichen Cocktail trinken ein.

Die Tische und Stühle unseres neuen Villa Restaurants sind eingeräumt. Viel müssen wir bis Mittwoch nicht mehr machen.

Nach 2 monatiger Großbaustelle ist nun endlich unsere neue große Gütl Küche fertig und alle Küchengeräte eingebaut. Unsere Köche stehen bereits jetzt in den Startlöchern um die Küche einzuweihen.

Our new breakfast buffet is almost ready. Now everything is taking shape.

Not much is missing in our new sea bar. Now it comes to the lighting.

Except for a few small things, our enlarged Gütl Stub'n terrace is ready.
Are you already looking forward to culinary delights with this fantastic view?

This is where our new vital bar is created - for everyone who needs a refreshment between saunas, relaxing or before the next dip in the cool water or who wants to treat themselves to a small snack.

For everyone who already knows our house - this area used to be the buffet from the lake restaurant in the main building.

The wall in the new restaurant is covered. The floor has now also been laid.

It continues in our Waldhof Club. The carpet is laid and the new lamps installed. It already looks like a cozy place to stay.

The kitchen floor was poured last week.  After it has dried, it is time to assemble our new Gütl kitchen.

The Arkadenhof is currently used as an interim storage facility for the new Gütl kitchen - there are already a lot of devices that you need for a new kitchen - and that is not all. But a large part is already installed.

What you had to imagine on Friday is already finished today. We are really looking forward to our new restaurant.

The new floor covering of our SeeBar was laid yesterday. The bezels of the bar counter are already in place today.
Here you will be able to enjoy a coffee, a glass of beer or wine, or a cocktail between 11 a.m. and 1 a.m.

Last week the scaffolding for the extension of the Gütl kitchen was still in place. Today the new facade is almost finished.

The screed in the Gütl kitchen has been laid. The kitchen floor finally comes at the end of this week.

You can already imagine what our new SeeBar will look like. The bar counter is already there.

The new carpet at the bar in our Waldhof Club has been laid. Now we take care of the tables and benches.

The new part of the restaurant is taking shape. The walls are almost done and the floor will be done soon.

Our new offices are almost ready. We are looking forward to moving in  the  next week.

The new breakfast buffet in the Arkadenhof is already finished. The new kitchen elements are already in the background and are waiting to be installed in the Gütl kitchen.

After the foundations of the kitchen  in the Gütl kitchen are ready, the underfloor heating is now laid.

The view from our new seminar room will be hard to beat.

The new floor of our enlarged Gütl Stub'n restaurant terrace has already been laid.

The roof structure in the new area of ​​the Gütl Stub'n restaurant is ready and the scaffolding has been removed. It has become really beautiful.

You can slowly imagine what the new Gütl kitchen will look like. The bases for the new kitchen blocks are already in place.

The new roof structure in the former sports hall is taking shape. No comparison to what it looked like 1 month ago. We are really looking forward to our new restaurant area.

The conversion of the Gütl kitchen is progressing and you can already see how much larger the kitchen and service area will be in the future.

There is not much left to see from the lake restaurant either. Now it's time for the electronics for the new SeeBar and the new seminar room.

Of course, not only the guest areas are affected by the renovation. 

A few of our offices will also be changed or merged.

It's hard to imagine that here was the Gütl kitchen, where our kitchen team conjured up for you.

Now every hand is required. From the caretaker to the cook to the service employee. Everyone helps.

The conversion doesn't stop at our Gütl kitchen either. This will be one of the biggest areas. The kitchen is not only redesigned, but also enlarged.

The big renovation begins
On March 1st at 12:30 p.m., our last guests left the hotel and at the same time, the clearing and first demolition work began. Our lake restaurant is being converted into a hotel bar, our SeeBar.

March 11 th 2020

It is going fast

The remodeling and renovation work is in full swing. After oncoming boulders and drilled water pipes, we are still on time. 

March 1st 2020

The demolition begins

On March 1st at 12:30 p.m. our last guests left the hotel and at the same time the clearing and demolition work started. 

Here' are the first impressions:



December 2019:

New rooms in the Waldhof

The major renovation of the hotel  in March and April 202 is still in the final planning phase. This mainly affects the restaurants, the kitchen, the bar and the wellness area. 

Now we are happy that we had finished our renovation of the Villa rooms.


New rooms in the Waldhof

The major renovation of the hotel in March and April 2020, which mainly affects the restaurants, the kitchen, the bar and the wellness area, is still in the final planning phase, but we are pleased that we can renovate the rooms in the Villa are already finished.

Finally ... the long wait is over!

Dear Waldhof friends, 

from May 19th the Waldhof doors will be open again after this long time.

We look forward to welcoming you back at last.

We are sure to have the right package for your next Waldhof holiday.