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Haus der Natur in Salzburg

The natural history museum " Haus der Natur" was established in 1924. Today visitors can experience classic natural history exhibitions, an excellent zoological area and a hands-on science centre covering a total of 7,000m². The Haus der Natur offers children and adults alike an exciting and in-depth look into our planet, its former and current inhabitants and what lies beyond. Through the year special exhibitions ensure that there is always something new to discover. 


Opening times:
daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m 
closed on December 25th

So much to find out

The different exhibits in Salzburg's natural history museum

  • Dinosaur hall: Amaze at the life-size models of dinosaurs
  • Rocks & minerals: Excellent examples of major rock-finds and exceptional mineral formations
  • Habitats: Find out more about the different habitats on Earth with the help of 3D dioramas 
  • Space station: Investigate the baffling phenomena of the universe
  • World history and the Ice Age: What has changes our planet since its creation? 
  • Journey through the human body: Organs, muscles, nerves and veins. How do they work and how are they connected - that's what you can find out here.
  • Christian Doppler: The Salzburg-born physicist and mathematician - Find out more about how the Doppler effect effects our lives
  • Aquarium: An amazing array of colourful and fascinating fish await you
  • Reptile zoo: More than 200 animals including many different species of snakes and lizards as well as alligators await the visitors' keen eyes

Where science is brought to life

The Science Centre in the Haus der Natur

The Science Centre at the Haus der Natur in Salzburg is particularly attractive to guests of all ages who have an interest in how things and our world function. Here the museum offers a hands-on approach to finding out more. 

  • energy & leverage: Water possesses so much energy
  • Acoustics & music: Hearing, voices and vibration - sound is made tangible to everyone 
  • physics  & technology: Falling, flying, pressing, lifting - how and why it works  
  • body & fitness: Find out what your body is capable of  

From Ebner's Waldhof to Haus der Natur

It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the City of Salzburg via the main road. The Haus der Natur is in the middle of the Old Town at the foot of  Mönchsberg Mountain. You can park in the Altstadtgarage or  Rot-Kreuz car parks from there it is just a short walk to the museum. 

Enjoy a day trip to the natural history museum in Salzburg on your holiday at Ebner's Waldhof. We look forward to seeing you.