Leafing through the pages of time

The story of Ebner's Waldhof by the lake

The bed and breakfast pension is opened

Open through the summer months with room for 30 guests, mother Elmtrude’s dream comes true when the pension is opened. Under the motto; “All hands on deck“, husband Georg takes care of the farm while Elmtrude and her son Herbert are kept busy running the pension.  

A huge step

The pension is transformed into the Parkhotel Waldhof with a restaurant and 80 beds. The sisters Eva and Regina serve in the restaurant. Herbert runs things in the kitchen and mother Elmtrude, as head of the house, mans the reception.

The second generation

After mother Elmtrude’s sudden death, son Herbert takes on the management of the hotel. From dawn to dusk the entire family do their best to take care of the hotel guests. The installation of the first swimming pool  under the terrace of the Main House is completed.

United in marriage

The young couple Gaby and Herbert are wed.

Blessed with children

Gaby and Herbert become parents: Dani is born in May 1974, Thomas in August 1976 and Stephi in November 1978.

Major expansion phase in the 80s

Satisfied guests denote a job well done. To cope with demand, the Ebner’s commission builders to start expansion work increasing hotel capacity to 120 beds.

Further extensions

In 1986 new seminar rooms are created in the east wing. A year later the expansion is continued – the terrace is enlarged and complemented with a gazeebo housing cosmetic and hairdressing facilities.

Gentle winter-sports

The Waldhof breaks new ground by opening its doors to guests in the winter, with a gentle winter-sports concept (featuring for example, the first snow-shoe hikes ever offered in the region).

Vitalschlössl  meets Waldhof Charm

The chance to realise further visions arises with the takeover of the neighbouring property the "Franzl House" – The Vitalschlössl is born.

Maiden voyage for the "Fuschlerin"

The "Fuschlerin" departs from the jetty for the first time. Guests and locals alike are delighted by the first ever passenger boat service for the general public on Lake Fuschl.

The Waldhof gets its own golf course and clubhouse – the Waldhof Alm

The 3-hole golf course with its club house at the foot of the Schober Mountain is opened.  

New family member

The new millennium heralds a new family member when Dani marries her Alex.  

Thomas' return

After several years of gathering experience Thomas returns to the hotel as member of the team.


After a seven-month construction phase the Waldhof Villa is completed, the family’s biggest investment to date. The Waldhof now boasts 43 new rooms, a cosy new restaurant seating 120, bearing the name the “Gütl-Stub'n” and an underground car park. The hotel dependence Sonnleitn is also expanded.  

Wedding bells

Congratulations are in order as Stephi and Sebi celebrate their marriage.

Promising new arrival

Having started at the reception, today Vroni holds close ties to the Waldhof in more ways than one.

Waldhof – the fourth generation

In April 2008 Noah is born.

More space for families

The Waldhof Ansitz is enlarged, now housing 22 additional junior and family suites offering more room for families on holiday. Simultaneously, more space for the Waldhof Spa is created. Spreading over an area of 4,000 m² with 200 m² of pools, the Waldhof wellness area truly lives up to its name. Rounding off the great new facilities, the Waldhof opens the Gössl boutique and Austria’s first ever spa herb-kitchen. The staff are also pleased about the new employees’ living quarters in the "Villa Rosa".

Increased support

Stephi complements the family business putting heart and soul into her duties.

Everything families desire

Adults and children alike are delighted about the development of the Waldhof Children’s World with its large play and climbing area as well as a day care room for painting, games and handicrafts. Above all, the free child care on 5 days a week becomes yet another attractive extra for families.

Marriage vows

For the third time in the third Waldhof generation the wedding bells ring out! Thomas und Vroni get married.

New Main House

Just because something is good, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. The Ebner’s decide to give the Main House a face lift. The forty rooms are fitted with parquet flooring as well as new bathrooms, fittings and furnishings. In addition corridors and stairways are refurbished.  

The very best golfing prospects

In the course of renovation to the Waldhof Alm a spectacular panorama terrace is added as well as a new golfer’s lounge with pro-shop, seminar room, larger changing facilities and caddy room.  

Business-minded and enterprising

Dani reinforces the family team.

The latest addition

In April 2016 Leon, the youngest member of the Ebner family arrives.

A fond farewell 

The family bid farewell to father, grandfather and father-in-law. Georg Ebner dies at the honourable age of 94.

Even more luxury for our guests  

The instalment of a lift makes access to the sauna and pool area barrier-free. The spa garden “Quellgarten” is covered over to enable guests to enjoy privacy, peace and tranquillity all year round. The rooms in the Waldhof Villa are fitted with wooden oak floors.

Sonnleitn bed & breakfast dependence

The neighbouring hotel Sonnleitn is incorporated into the Ebner Resort and is more than just a cosy retreat: Known as the “bibliotel”, more than 2,000 books adorn the shelves of the rooms, breakfast room, terrace and even the area surrounding the natural swimming pond. The Sonnleitn is the perfect place to while away your time in a world of fantasy, comfort and peace.

60 Jahre Waldhof & 20 Jahre Waldhof Alm

Der Waldhof wird 60 Jahre und ein rauschendes Fest wird gefeiert. Zusammen mit 200 Stammgästen erinnert man sich an viele schöne Momente.


Dani & Stephi übernehmen gemeinsam die Geschäftsleitung.


Zeit für Veränderung

Großer Umbau im Waldhof von März bis Mai 2020

Frischer Wind soll in den Waldhof einziehen und das Urlaubsparadies verwandelt sich in eine große Baustelle. Das Seerestaurant wird zur SeeBar, die Küche wird erweitert und rundum erneuert. Die Sporthalle macht Platz für das Villa Restaurant und auch der Arkadenhof erstrahlt in neuem Glanz. Und ganz nebenbei wird ein überflüssiges Stiegenhaus in einen Boulderraum verwandelt, eine Vitalbar kreiert und ein neuer Seminarraum geschaffen.

Ja, ich will!

Thomas & Corinna geben sich das Ja-Wort
und die Ebners heißen mit ihr auch Leonard, Laurin und Lorenz in der Familie Willkommen. Am 1. Juni erblickt die gemeinsame Tochter Aurelia das Licht der Welt. HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN!

Natürlich sind die Ebner's auch in diesem Jahr nicht untätig und lassen sämtliche Mitarbeiterzimmer in neuem Glanz erstrahlen.

Keine Schließzeit ohne Neuerungen

In der Zwischensaison im März wird in der Wasserwelt fleißig umgebaut. Neben neuen Böden und einem neuen Dach macht der Raum "Seensucht" Platz  für einen eleganten Ruheraum mit Panoramaausblick.