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Over hills and dales! The Waldhof hiking tips.

The most beautiful walking tours in Salzburg County.

We can highly recommend a walk up to one of the "Holleralms" that are dotted around Lake Fuschl or Lake Wolfgangsee. These are traditional mountain hut restaurants that have specialised in drinks and dishes made with elderflowers or elderberries. What does battered elderflower taste like? There's only one way to find out! You may well be asking yourself what the importance of the elder tree is. Well, for centuries Austrians have believed that the plant has healing powers and medicinal virtues, farmers were said to have lifted their hats on passing the tree. These theories are hard to prove, but the proof of how good the dishes taste is in the eating!

Katharina our wellness trainer is an avid hiker and knows the mountains in the region like the back of her hand. She can advise you on the right route and recommend the best restaurants. The Waldhof is surrounded by great peaks and pastures - each and every one worth a visit.

The walk around the lake: The "Fuschlseeweg".

A walk around the lake is the ideal way to enjoy a good walk and breathtaking scenery. The well signposted footpath follows the shoreline for the most part and will lead you through tranquil woods, scented meadows and past romantic inlets. This is a gentle walk that children will manage with ease. The walk takes about 3 hours and you can reward yourself with something delicious to eat in one of the Waldhof restaurants upon your return. 

Fuschlseeweg Nature Trail.

If you're looking for more than a walk, try the nature trail on the south side of the lake. The information boards in German and English give you additional insight into the flora and fauna surrounding the lake. The trail is part of the round the lake walk along its south banks just a few minutes from the hotel. In summer you might like to take your swimming costumes with you for a quick dip in one of the many secluded coves and if you don't want to do the whole walk you can return from the Castle Fuschl with the Waldhof's wooden passenger boat the "Fuschlerin".

Hiking routes that start on your doorstep: Fuschl's local peaks, all with fantastic views!

However, you can't have everything! If you go on a hike to any of the three local mountains; the Schober, Filbling and Ellmaustein, be sure to take your own provisions with you, or at least something to drink because there are no mountain hut restaurants on any of these mountains!

The Schober and Frauenkopf peaks.

 The Schober Mountain rises majestically directly behind the Waldhof – an impressive mountain indeed. After taking on the somewhat formidable challenge of the climb to the Schober you are rewarded with unforgettable views of Lake Fuschl and five other Lakes in the Flachgau region. The best way to return is via the Frauenkopf peak which, unlike the Schober, actually belongs to Fuschl am See.

Starting at the hotel, it will take you about an hour to reach the ruins of Wartenfels Castle, built in 1259, parts of the castle walls still remain and if you climb to the top of what is left of the castle you’ll be overwhelmed by the views of the neighbouring village of Thalgau, the district of Flachgau and the German border district of Berchtesgadener Land. From the ruins it’s about another hour’s walk to the top of the Schober, whereby the last few metres lead you over a short fixed rope route where sturdy walking boots, a fair amount of fitness and courage are required.

Filbling Alpine lake and peak.

For those of you who are looking for something more gentle, we can highly recommend the lovely walk to the mountain lake Filblingsee. Following the forest path through the woods it will take you about 90 minutes to reach the lake. It may well be difficult to tear yourself away from the idyllic setting but it’s just a short hike to the top of Filbling Mountain where the view of Lake Fuschl and the surrounding mountain ranges is absolutely fantastic.

Ellmaustein: The sprint peak.

This walk is short but intensive! You pick up the rather steep trail to the Ellmaustein peak at the start of the Ellmau Valley. The forest path soon gives way to a wider forestry path and then for the last stretch it’s back through the forest on a winding path that takes you to the summit. After about 45 minutes you’ll be gazing across Lake Fuschl and the surrounding mountains.

The Zwölferhorn: hiking with the help of a cable car.

St. Gilgen’s mountain, the Zwölferhorn, is home to a number of Alm hut restaurants with spectacular views. From Fuschl it takes about three hours to reach the summit on foot. However it can also be reached in just 16 minutes with the help of the cable car from St. Gilgen. By the way its one of the oldest cable cars in Austria. Once at the top there are a number of different walks – from gentle strolls to quite challenging hikes. And of course plenty of mountain huts for a taste of Austrian hospitality.

Worth remembering: A popular service offered by the hotel are the regular hiking tours with Katharina. Ask at the reception or keep an eye on the Morning Post.

The Schafberg mountain and cog railway.

From the top of St. Wolfgang’s mountain the “Schafberg”, at an altitude of 1.780m above sea level, you can enjoy the ultimate Salzkammergut panorama. Today you can reach the top of the Schafberg safely and easily from St. Wolfgang by boarding the oldest cog railway in Austria. The railway was built in just a year, in 1892 and in only 40 minutes the steam engines, some of the oldest in the world, puff their way from the valley to the summit. If you’d like to walk to the top of the Schafberg, you’ll need around 4 hours – take your pick.

Reach for the peaks with Herbert Ebner.

 If you’re looking for an even greater challenge, you’ll have to get up early. The hotel proprietor Herbert Ebner organises fantastic mountain hikes with his guests almost every week to the Dachstein or the Osterhorn mountain ranges. The 6 o’clock start is well worth the effort. Unforgettable panoramic views of the Salzkammergut will be your reward. Talk to Mr. Ebner when he makes his rounds in the restaurant.

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