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Spa baths: Pure pleasure and total relaxation.

Wohlfühlen mit Qualitätsgarantie

Treat your body to the pleasures of a spa bath and experience total relaxation. Only when you let yourself unwind, can maintain your energy levels. That's why we offer a wide range of wellness facilities and treatments to help you to re-charge your batteries and to help you feel healthy and fit.

Dry Floatation treatment with Wraps, Scrubs and Floats

  • Cleopatra - intensively moisturising - 20 min. € 39,–
  • Goats butter cream - for dry skin - 20 min. € 39,–
  • Evening primrose oil – lipid replenishing - 20 min. € 40,–
  • Gentian Flower - relief for rheumatic and arthritic pains approx. 30 min € 41,-
  • Hay - detoxifying and purifying - aprox. 30 min. € 41,-
  • Mud bath – muscle relaxing - 30 min. € 41,–
  • Monthalit - natural mountain salt mud scrub, delivering valuable minerals and trace elements - 30 min. € 48,-
  • Apple Stem Cel - anti-aging, firming, moisturizing, stimulates metabolism - approx. 20min. € 41,-
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Wellness bath

The gentle underwater massage makes this whirl bath particularly pleasant. Various herbal extracts and oils are added to the water for increased relaxation. A wonderful experience!

  • Whey bath - € 27,-
  • Hydrosol-Bath from our Alpine Herb Distillery € 27,-
  • Moor Mud Bath - muscle relaxant - € 27,-
  • Rock oil bath - € 27,-
  • Saline bath in natural Bad Ischl salt spring water - € 27,-
  • Honey peeling followed by a honey- Swiss stone pine bath - € 40,-
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The many spa bath treatments can also be found in the Spa Magazine! Magazin!

We would kindly ask for your understanding that appointments cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged at 50% of the full price, within 3 hours prior to the appointment the full treatment price will be charged.

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