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Ebner‘s Waldhof by Lake Fuschl is an independent family-run business in its third generation. Our vision is to become a five star hotel open all year round and to position ourselves as the hotel business with the best leisure amenities in the Salzkammergut Lake District by 2013.

The varied and comprehensive hotel infrastructure is unique and, in combination with our location, service and the diversity of facilities offered, our hotel is certainly on a level with successful five star hotels in the German-speaking world. We are constantly improving our services and facilities as far as both range and quality are concerned. In so doing we can reach new target groups who expect five star quality.

We want to offer our guest the best possible hotel service combined with a fresh, healthy and typically regional cuisine. Guests should be able to relax and unwind and yet be active and above all, they should feel at ease here, as if they are staying with friends.

We have managed to establish ourselves as an attractive regional employer, with excellent vocational training and prospects where our staff enjoy their work. Employees in leading positions should be supported and encouraged to take on responsibility and their pay should be achievement-orientated based on professional managerial models.

Never-the-less we remain a profit-oriented business and want to use our cash flow to constantly improve the hotel's infrastructure and amenities. In order to achieve our goals we strive to reach a 10 - 15% pre-tax profit margin. 

The guiding principles of the wellness hotel Waldhof in Fuschl am See are:

  1. Everything we do revolves around our guests. Therefore, along with our staff, we remain above all your hosts, and politeness, sincerity and friendliness are our most important qualities. 
  2. Our business success depends on how well we manage to satisfy our guests with what we offer and our staff's ability to help us do this. In turn our staff can steer their own success, depending on how well they are able to identify with our philosophy.
  3. All members of staff use their knowledge and skills in order to find new and better solutions. Even things that are already good can always be improved. Changes are only made when improvement is achieved.
  4. The more guests benefit from our business philosophy, the greater the benefits that we are able to reap. Our staff should know that performance counts, but also pays.
  5. Our staff members are given the chance to actively contribute to and influence the hotel's principles.

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