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Why Waldhof?

Heidi Marojevic
Head of Housekeeping

Ensuring that you feel at home is what I do best!

Ariane Rings
head of Cosmetics

When I came for my interview I was really impressed. Everyone was really nice and friendly to me. The working climate here is very pleasant. I'm so pleased that I was given the job.
The atmosphere in our team is great, I've seldom had such nice colleagues and I've really grown fond of them all. You can really rely on everyone and nobody talks about people behind their backs. I think that really makes a difference. The new extension of course makes our work here even more interesting. It's so light and airy and has a very special atmosphere. What I really love are the training sessions with Lisa every Monday. I have learnt so much about homeopathy and naturopathy. I find the herb kitchen generally a really good idea.
Vocational training and further education play an important role for the Waldhof, that's certainly not the case elsewhere. I admire the Ebner Family a lot for what they have achieved and the way they treat their staff. They are always willing to listen to what you have to say and you can talk to them about everything.

There are also promotion prospects at the hotel and everybody is trusted with important tasks which is their responsibility. I'm really glad that I found such a great job.


I like working at Ebner´s Waldhof because I was looking for a family-run business to work in. Of course the hotel really can't be called a small hotel anymore but the personal touch has not been lost. When I first started to work here, almost 4 years ago now, the thing that impressed me the most was that the members of the Ebner Family were always prepared to help at every level and no work at the hotel was beneath them. I've experienced quite a different approach at other hotels, where orders come from above and the management look down on you. Here the staff members are handled correctly.
And what I really like is the traditions and customs are upheld. Christmas, Easter and on other church holidays are celebrated in the hotel with the guests so that they feel a part of everything. Vocational training is also an important subject here at the Waldhof; it's not just a case of being allowed to do further training we are told that we should! Of course this is good for the hotel, but the staff profit the most!
The best thing about working here though, is the atmosphere in the team. You can rely on your colleagues completely, it's definitely working together and not alongside each other. It's really important for a team that works together so closely to get on, and we really get on like a house on fire!
So, to sum up - I'm really happy to be an employee at Ebner's Waldhof.

Fred Kendlbacher
Head Barkeeper

I have 25 years of work experience and I can honestly say that I have never regretted a single day of the three years that I have worked at Hotel Ebner's Waldhof. I really like working here and get on really well with our great guests, colleagues and the very open and friendly management team. It is a pleasure to work here.
No civilized man ever regrets a pleasure, and no uncivilized man ever knows what a pleasure is.(Oscar Wilde)

Alexander Skoupy
Apprentice chef

I have never once regretted the decision to do my apprenticeship at the Waldhof. It took a little time at the beginning to get used to the kitchen routine and to become integrated in the team. Some people may be daunted by the task of preparing perfect meals every day, but with the vocational training and support from the chefs who train me it's a challenge that I feel ready for.

Phlipp Schöndorfer
Apprentice chef / waiter

Why I like working at the Waldhof:

  1. Great working climate
  2. Nice colleagues who have become friends
  3. Varied and interesting field of work
  4. Apprentices are trained in a number of different professions
  5. Good teamwork (it's always give and take for everyone without exception)

Corina Gottfried
Work placement as a waitress

Why I like working at the Waldhof:

  1. Good vocational training in form of apprentice workshops
  2. A good working atmosphere
  3. Good teamwork between kitchen and waiting staff
  4. New tasks are well explained
  5. Nice staff accommodation
  6. Working in a team

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