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Wellness massages in the spa hotel near Salzburg.

Massages that will make you feel brand new!

Wohlfühlen mit Qualitätsgarantie

A massage sharpens your senses and gives you a whole new feeling of awareness. Discover the heavenly experience after your massage when all the tension in your body has magically disappeared and your back feels strong again. Or your stomach, or your arms - what ever you need or wish we have the ideal wellness massage for you. The one thing our wide range of massages all have in common is that they will all make you feel better than you have done for a long time.

MontHalit Treatment

The origins of the MontHalit lie deep under the earth, in the salt chambers of the Alps. The naturally pure saline extract is rich in trace elements and minerals, which have a positive effect on the metabolism, purifies and tones the skin. Body peeling with MontHalit and finally time to relax in the soft pack bed.

30 min. € 48,–

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Alpine Gentian Treatment in the "warm floatation bed"

The "Uralpin" gentian extract is particularly effective for relieving all kinds of aches and pains in the joints. Combined with the beneficial elements in brine the treatment has proved effective for a wide range of ailments and has already proved successful for many people with chronic problems.

30 min. € 41,–

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Honey Massage

Since ancient times honey has not only been an important nutritional source, but has been used for body care and its healing powers were known to the healers of ancient civilisations. For this massage, the honey is warmed and applied to the back. It is then removed using a honey-mountain crystal salt peeling which is followed by an intensive back massage. The honey massage can have an extremely high purifying effect and a calming and soothing effect on body, mind and soul.

50 min. € 59,-

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Stomach Massage

According to Oriental medicine the body's energy source is located in the centre of our bodies: in our stomachs. This treatment helps to support the stimulation of the body's digestion and your own "mental digestion" so that you can once again "smile with your stomach".

25 min. € 33,-

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Lymph Drainage

A gentle, draining massage which stimulates the lymph flow and eases the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

50 min. € 59,–

25 min. € 35,–

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Foot Reflex Zone Massage

Stimulating your feet with a massage is not only a pleasant experience in its own right, it can also have a positive effect on your organs, lymph channels and nervous system. Blood circulation is improved and the energy flow within your body is brought back into balance.

50 min. EUR 59,–

25 min. EUR 35,–

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Hamam Soap Massage

Enjoy the foamy cleansing Hamam ritual. This is followed moisturising fruit or salt oil peeling which makes your skin smooth and supple again.

30 min. € 45,– (with salt oil peeling)


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Aroma Therapy

This is ideal therapy to help let go of every day stress. The treatment starts with a body peeling and then an aroma bath. Afterwards you receive a full-body massage using special essential oils.

75 min. € 85,–

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Head & Neck Massage

This is a relaxing and effective massage to help alleviate mental stress. The fragrant rose oil used in the massage has a calming and harmonising effect on your psyche.

25 min. EUR 34,-

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Classic Massage

Full-body massage 50 min. € 58,-

Partial body massage 25 min. € 35,-

Use of aromatic oils + € 3,-

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Special relaxation treatment of the feet, relaxes and detoxifies, stimulates the psychosomatic energy balance. Also recommended for swelling, rheumatism and dry skin.


50 min. € 79,-


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Alpine Herb Stamp Massage

Special massage with warm oils and continuously steamed herbal stamps, choose from following:

Alpine Stamp - detoxifying

Lavender Stamp - calming

Apple Stamp - anti-aging

Wheat Bran - for problem skin


approx. 75 min. € 99,-make an enquiry now

Thai Full-Body Massage

This is the most popular form of massage for a deeply relaxing and balancing effect on the body. Your body will feel soft, supple and full of energy. The treatment tones the body and has a beneficial effect on ligaments and sinews as well as blood circulation, lymph flow, and nerve tracts.

80 min. € 109,-

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Thai Feel-Good Massage

Wellbeing achieved with the pressure point method from Thailand. Recommended for the relief of neck and back tension, after sport and for regeneration. According to your wishes different parts of the body are stimulated to increase energy flow.

50 min. € 65,-

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Thai Back and Neck Treatment

This treatment activates the energy flow between the head, neck, shoulders and back. Particularly good for sufferers of neck tension and back problems.

25 min. € 39,-

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Thai Foot Reflex Zone Activation

This treatment stimulates the nerve tracts and the reflex zones in the foot, it has a purifying effect on the body and improves the metabolic functions. The immune system is strengthened, the lymph flow is improved and both physical and mental relaxation is boosted.

50 min. € 65,-

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We would kindly ask for your understanding that appointments cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged at 50% of the full price, within 3 hours prior to the appointment the full treatment price will be charged.

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