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Lake Fuschl: the jewel of the Salzkammergut.

Lake Fuschl is one of Austria's most beautiful lakes.

On the surface the emerald green Lake Fuschl seems calm and unassuming, but appearances can be deceptive: the lake is so clean, that under water visibility can be as much as 6 metres. That's where the tasty Lake Fuschl fish swim, 23 different species! Lake Fuschl isn't very big: 4,1 kilometres long and 0,9 kilometres wide. That's why walking round the lake is such fun: The round the lake walking path is a gentle walk that takes you through lovely lakeside landscapes.

Lake Fuschl came into being at the end of the last Ice Age when the glaciers melted and masses of water were left over. The water quality is so good that you can drink it. But of course swimming in it is much more fun! Or going on a boat ride on it, or sitting by it when you enjoy a picnic in one of the many secluded coves, or simply looking at it as you rest on a bench from one of the many view points.

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Lake Fuschlsee : Holidays in Fuschl near Salzburg
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