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Herb kitchen at the Waldhof.

Herbal spa at Ebner's Waldhof in Fuschl am See.

Wohlfühlen mit Qualitätsgarantie

There's boiling, steaming and distilling going on in the Herb Kitchen, but funilly enough we're not in the Gütl Garden Restaurant we're in the Waldhof Spa. In the Herb Kitchen Lisa Rettenbacher distils Alpine herbs using water vapour to create "Hydrolate" - better known as "flower water". These naturally produced plant extracts are used in our wellness baths. The fact that herbs have a beneficial effect on the human organism has been known for centuries. In our modern Herb Kitchen we harness this ancient, traditional knowledge and use the resulting products for very specific and individually chosen wellness treatments. Lisa is more than happy to explain the applications of the various herbs and give you useful tips. You can also watch the distilling process if you want and take a bottle of Alpine wellness home with you. In our product range you will find wonderful oils, creams and lotions made from aromatic local herbs.

In Paracelsus' footsteps.

Paracelsus, was a famous Salzburg Physician, philosopher and alchemist, but also an exceptionally gifted natural scientist, who was fully aware of the positive effects that many plants can have on the human organism. One of his favourite "herb hunting grounds" was the Schober, the mountain to the back of our hotel. This is where he discovered the "wolfsbane". We have planted a herb garden in the spa area in his honour where you will find the most important Paracelsus herbs accompanied by small information boards about their uses. Wondering through the herb garden is another great way to relax after your Alpine wellness treatment. The wellness team at the Waldhof have, like Paracelsus, taken the natural powers of herbs and have gone a step further.

Cooking with herbs

The Gütl Garden Restaurant's "vitality cuisine" has also taken cooking back to the roots. Alexander Ebner, head chef, regularly selects different herbs of the season to help him create healthy and tasty dishes using traditional, natural flavour enhancers such as wild garlic, daisies and cowslips. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating!"

Our knowledge of wild and medicinal plants and herbs is not only applied in our work with wellness treatments, but also in our cooking in form of our "vitality cuisine" prepared and served in the Gütl Garden Restaurant. You could say; Alpine Wellness in perfection!

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Herbal Spa : Beauty Treatments with Alpine Herbs
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