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The Waldhof herb garden.

The Waldhof's secret remedy for wellbeing.

The success of our herb and wellness philosophy relies on an extremely wide range of plants and herbs. 95 different herbs and medicinal plants flourish in the Waldhof herb garden, lovingly attended to by Lisa Rettenbacher. Plants like wolfsbane, swollowwort, comfrey, mugwort, marigold, borage, sage, southernwood and hyssop are grown in the garden for use in either the Waldhof vitality cuisine or in soothing wellness baths and pleasant massage oils. Here you will find the ideal herbal remedy for almost any complaint.

The medicinal plants and herbs are processed in the Waldhof Herb Kitchen, the very first herb kitchen in Austria. The soothing and conducive effects that herbs and plants can have on your health can be experienced first hand in the herbal bath treatments in the Waldhof Spa and in the beauty products which can also be purchased to take home with you. In addition Alexander Ebner uses our home-grown herbs daily in his cooking in the Gütl Garden Restaurant bringing you wellness on a plate!

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Herb Garden at the Waldhof Spa : Herbal Beauty Treatements
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