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Training consulting - support & coaching

Sport Scientist Mag. Silvia Weigl

Sport is simply more fun when you're not on your own. That is why we offer you professional support and qualified coaching. Our experienced sport scientist Mag. Silvia Weigl is here to help you.

Afternoon courses and workshops

Healthy walking.

A walk through the countryside using meditation skill and consciously paying attention to maintaining the correct walking posture. Sense the healing energy in the trees and flowers and enjoy this wonderful environment.

Yogi Exercise – the beneficial bending of the body!

These are the best exercises to ease neck, should, hip and knee pains. But also recommended for leg ailments, stress and energy blocks.

Meridian gymnastics.

An ideal exercise programme to improve meridian energy flow and inner harmony.

Singing bowl meditation.

The body's energy flow is harmonised using various singing bowls and their different tones. Soothing relaxation takes over your body as you immerse yourself in a feeling of safety and contentment.

Medical Fit-Check examination and training recommendations.

A sport science examination for more fitness and performance in your life. A trained heart and strong and elastic muscles are the basis for a fulfilled life. Please wear comfortable clothing.

30 min. EUR 28,–

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Better vision – even without your glasses.

Training for the eyes makes it possible. Did you know that the muscles in your eyes can be trained just like those in your stomach or back? And that defects of vision can be caused by tenseness and blocks in the neck muscles? For all of you who haven't fully accepted the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Couples are charged the same price as singles!

55 min. EUR 56,–

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Health for body, mind and soul with Schüssler Salts.

Sometimes it's simply a vitamin deficiency that is making you tired, moody and discontent. Establish your own natural health with a balanced body minerals.

30 min. EUR 28,-

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Especially for your back – Kreuzfidel.

For people with back problems. Discover how to move your back with ease and experience the step-by-step strengthening of your spine. Personal awareness and back training exercises for everyday life.

Couples are charged the same price as singles!

50 min. EUR 56,–

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Singing bowl massage

The singing bowls are placed on your body and struck. The soft vibration, oscillation and tones spread through the entire body and lead to deep relaxation. Muscle tension is relieved, backache improves. A great support therapy for improving and maintaining health.

55 min. EUR 56,-

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Energy healing treatment

For those of you looking for alternatives to orthodox medicine. The treatment is based on the theory that your body consists of energy fields and energy fields can be changed and influenced. This in turn influences the way we feel, our emotions and our health.

55 min. EUR 56,–

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All of training support and coaching offers can be found in the Spa Magazine.

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We would kindly ask for your understanding that appointments cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged at 50% of the full price, within 3 hours prior to the appointment the full treatment price will be charged.

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