Wellness Concert



Immerse yourself in a limitless water world that welcomes you and takes care of you ... 
An eternal moment in which you can feel the sweet melody of your heart ... 
Enjoy the way back to your ocean of happiness ...

Wellness Concert?

In this increasingly alienated and individualized society, stress has become responsible for the first four causes of death and has caused 80% of diseases. That is why it is important to create spaces in our lives that allow us to stop and breathe, relax our body and mind, balance emotions and connect with ourselves. This experience was created specifically to enjoy the beauty and fullness of life. An oasis full of art, health and well-being to live more consciously and stress-free.

Classical music concert

A unique and unrepeatable live concert for baroque violin with the best compositions by J.S.Bach, N. Matteis and H.I.F. Beaver. Feel the warm support of the water while enjoying the classics like you've never heard before. Open the door to a state of full awareness and deep well-being. Discover the meaning of freedom while being carried by a dance of gentle and slow movements that invite you to stop and just BE.


How does it work?

Immerse yourself in the water, take a deep breath, connect with yourself and feel how all physical and mental tensions disappear. 
Close your eyes, let yourself go and enjoy the concert, float freely with the help of swimmers and let yourself be led in pairs by 
an aquatic relaxation. In the end you will be flooded with a feeling of peace, happiness and fulfillment. 
A smile stretches and your heart welcomes you. You finally got home. 


Book your relaxing holiday at Ebner's Waldhof am See or a Day Spa on 

February 22nd or February 26th 2020 

and enjoy water relaxation with a live concert. 

Tel: 0043 6226 8264

Mail:  info@ebners-waldhof.at


Our wellness concert is led by Biel Cortadellas. He has been doing aqua yoga in our water world since May 2019. 


Not enough?

We have a special highlight: 

- 15% on individual treatments a day from the wellness concert. Simply book an appointment in the morning or afternoon directly at the hotel.

Tel: 0043 6226 8264

Mail:  info@ebners-waldhof.at